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Birthdate:Jun 19, 1990
Location:Bristol, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm Darcy. I'm agender and demisexual, and I use she/her pronouns. I'm in my late twenties, I'm INFP, Gemini and Slytherin. I'm a librarian, a hopeless romantic and pretty eclectic. I'm married to Robert and we have a two year old daughter called Frankie. We also have three cats: Solo, Doyle, and Willow.

I write about my life and my thoughts on pretty much anything that strikes me. I bitch about my physical and mental health problems and I geek out about all kinds of history.

Interests include Arthurian legend, Robin Hood, fairytales, mythology, superheroes, celtic music, baking, colouring books and fictional men with fabulous hair.

Interests (133):

adult coloring books, agender, alternate history, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient rome, angels, anthropology, arthurian legend, baking, big damn heroes, black death, books, cancer, captain jack harkness, cardiomyopathy, carnivals, castles, celtic music, chocolate, choral music, chronic pain, classical music, coffee, colouring, cooking, cornwall, creative writing, creativity, cryptozoology, cupcakes, dancing, david tennant, daydreaming, death, demisexual, depression, diet coke, dinosaurs, disney, doctor who, dogs, dragons, dreams, england, fairytales, fantasy, feminism, fibromyalgia, flowers, folklore, fuck cancer, ghost ships, ghosts, graveyards, great fire of london, gunpowder plot, happiness, harry potter, haunted houses, history, ice-skating, industrial revolution, interior decorating, jack the ripper, jane austen, jazz, john barrowman, knights templar, knitting, ley lines, lighthouses, literature, lord of the rings, magic, mental health, middle ages, mindfulness, mythology, nail polish, nature, neil gaiman, parenting, peacocks, piano, picnics, piercings, pirates, plague, pompeii, prehistoric era, rain, rainbows, ravens, reading, roanoke colony, robin hood, romance, roses, salem witch trials, sherlock holmes, slytherin, snakes, social history, spirituality, star trek, star wars, starbucks, stars, steampunk, strawberries, summer, superheroes, supernatural, sushi, swimming, tarot, terry pratchett, time travel, top gear, true crime, tudor history, unicorns, used bookshops, vampires, victorian era, vikings, war of the roses, waterfalls, winchester house, words, writing, yellow
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